Various types of aluminum corrugated board

4 月 04, 2022

Corrugated aluminum plate model:

750 corrugated aluminum plate

825 corrugated aluminum plate

840 corrugated aluminum plate

850 corrugated aluminum plate

900 corrugated aluminum plate

Specification range of corrugated aluminum plate :(0.5~5.0) * (2000~6000)
Alloy grades of corrugated aluminum plates: 3003, 3004, 3105, etc

Aluminum corrugated plate is the main structural form of building materials, with anti-corrosion, heat preservation, and other effects.The size of corrugated can be divided into A, B, C and E.F five types.

Models of aluminum shingles :(1) yx35-125-750 (V125) aluminum shingles;(2) YX25-205-820 aluminum tile;(3) YX23-210-840 aluminum tiles;(4) YX14-65-850(arc) aluminum tile;(5) YX12-100-880 aluminum shingle;(6) YX15-225-900 aluminum watts.

As a building material, aluminum tile mainly has the function of anti-corrosion and heat preservation.

Both aluminum tile and corrugated aluminum plate are corrosion resistant with high recovery rate.

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