Aluminum Corrugated Plate

Aluminum corrugated plate, also known as corrugated aluminum plate and corrugated aluminum panel. It’s a metal plate that very suitable for roofing building. It also has a wide range of colors include blue, red, silver and other metal colors.

Alloy 1060,1050,1100,1200,3003,3105,etc
Temper H18, H14, etc
Thickness 0.18-1.5mm
Length As customer requirement
Width Any width as customer requirement
Color Blue, red, silver, metal color, etc.
MOQ 3 tons
Payment TT or L/C at sight
  • Customized
  • Original factory warranty
  • Brand certification
  • Global shipping

Rich colors to meet
your different needs


As a metal plate, aluminum corrugated plate is suitable for building and fence. In our daily life, we can use it for roofing to avoid rain and sun. We can also use it to protect garden and others. In a word, the plate is very practical.


Extremely light

High strength-to-weight ratio

Corrosion resistant

Good weather resistant

Not fade, bright color

Easy to maintain and wash

Long service life

Roofing Metal

Corrugated Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum corrugated plate is widely used in the decoration for building, such as for roofing and factory workshop outer wall. Due to the unique features especially anti corrosion, the plate is the great ideal choice for architect. As a corrugated aluminum plate for roofing, it’s easy to maintain and can keep long service life. Because of corrosion resistant can give the metal a long life and keep it looking good throughout its life. Therefore, we can use it for a long time and get a satisfactory use effect.


Aluminum Corrugated Sheet Price

Aluminum corrugated sheet is becoming the popular choice for many people. The sheet price has also become the object of attention. But the price is different from different manufacturer and supplier. As we all know, there are many factors can affect price. Therefore, we can not give a specific price. But if you have demand, you can contact us for more information. We believe we can give you a satisfactory answer.

Near Me

Corrugated Aluminum Panels Near Me

Aluminum sheet has superior corrosion resistant. The advantage can make corrugated aluminum plate has a long service life in any complex environment, such as acid rain and high temperature. If your are looking for corrugated aluminum panels, you can consider us. We have own factory and more than ten years experience of producing corrugated plate. We assure our products will satisfy you.

For sale

Corrugated Aluminum Panels for Sale

In global market, there are many companies to sell corrugated aluminum panels. The panel is very suitable for the decoration  construction field, such as for roofing, factory workshop outer wall and power plant boiler insulation materials, etc. Our company is one of the panel supplier in the middle of Henan China. We have more than ten years experience to produce aluminum corrugated plate. And any plates all have top quality. More information, contact us.


Established in 2014, our factory is the gold and leading supplier of aluminum corrugated plate in Henan, China. We can produce many kinds wave shape of aluminum corrugated sheet and colored aluminum corrugated sheet (PE coating or PVDF coating). If you have other demands, you can contact us. We provide customize service include colors, shapes of wave and thickness and so on. In addition, our staffs also can give you some suggestions for your project. And on the premise of high quality, we assure our price is the most competitive.

Why us?

  1. We are gold and verified supplier with quality assurance.
  2. Our company can provide you factory cost price.
  3. We can produce any size according to customer requirement.
  4. Our aluminum products are exported to all over the world.
  5. We supply free samples available for test at first.



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