5083 Aluminum Sheet

5083 Aluminum Sheet is a high-quality aluminum alloy with excellent corrosion resistance and high strength, commonly used in marine industrial ships. 5083 Aluminum Sheet is a 5xxx series aluminum alloy known for its excellent performance in harsh environments such as salt water.

Thickness 0.1mm - 350mm
Width 100mm - 2600mm
Length Any length, according to the transportation, usually less than 12m
Thickness tolerance ±0.02mm
Packing Well-packed reels with export standards suitable for long-distance sea transportation
Temper H111 /O; H112, H116, H321, H22, H32
Surface Treatment mill finish surface, bright, polished surface, with blue PVC films or paper-interleaved
Applications Marine Industry,Transportation industry,Aerospace industry,Construction industry,Industrial equipment
MOQ 3 Tons
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  • Original factory warranty
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  • Global shipping

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Marine Industry: The 5083 Aluminum Sheet has its excellent high strength and corrosion resistance, and has been extensively developed in hull, deck, and other marine structural applications.

Transportation industry: The 5083 Aluminum Sheet has high strength, light weight, and strong durability, making it suitable for applications in the manufacturing and transportation industry, such as truck trailers, oil tank trucks, and rail cars.

Aerospace industry: 5083 Aluminum has high strength to weight ratio and fatigue resistance, and is the best material in the manufacturing of aircraft components, wings, fuselage, and other structural components.

Construction industry: The corrosion resistance and weldability of this material are very suitable for the construction industry, such as exterior walls, roofs, and structural components.

Industrial equipment: 5083 Aluminum Sheet has strong corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, making it suitable for manufacturing industrial equipment, including pressure vessels, storage tanks, and heat exchangers.


Corrosion resistance: The 5083 Aluminum Sheet has excellent corrosion resistance, especially in marine environments. Very suitable for applications such as ship hulls, decks, and other marine structures.

High strength: 5083 Aluminum Sheet has strong strength characteristics, high strength and durability, and is very popular.

Weldability: 5083 aluminum alloy has excellent weldability, making it easy to manufacture and connect other metals. In terms of operation, various techniques can be used for welding.

Machinability: Using the correct tools and techniques for processing, able to adapt to various needs and applications.

Diversified uses: In addition to applications in marine environments, the 5083 Aluminum Sheet is also perfectly suitable for other industries such as transportation, aerospace, and construction, where high strength and corrosion resistance of metal materials are highly valued.

Can 5083 Aluminum Alloy be welded

Yes, 5083 Aluminum Alloy can be welded. It has good weldability. Various welding techniques can be used to connect with other metals. The commonly used welding methods for 5083 Aluminum Alloy include MIG (metal inert gas) welding and TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding.

However, compared to other metals such as steel, aluminum alloys including 5083 have different characteristics, such as lower melting points and higher thermal conductivity, which can affect the welding process. Follow the correct welding procedures and consult experienced welders or welding professionals during the welding process.


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WORTHWILL, our factory is located in the aluminum industry development center of Huiguo Town, Gongyi City, Henan Province, China. We are committed to manufacturing and providing different types of high-quality aluminum products. The 5083 Aluminum Sheet is particularly famous for its corrosion resistance and is highly favored by the marine industry, as well as being used in other industries. Other products are also highly favored by various industries, emitting light and heat in various fields.

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5083 H32 Aluminum Supplier

5083 H32 is a specific temper designation for aluminum alloy 5083. The “H32” temper refers to a specific heat treatment process that the aluminum undergoes to achieve certain mechanical properties. In the H32 temper, the aluminum is strain hardened and stabilized to improve its strength and hardness while maintaining good formability.

When selecting suitable professional aluminum manufacturers and factories, it is important to recognize the reputation and professional level of the enterprise, ensuring the high quality of aluminum materials and the safety of application. WORTHWILL has been deeply involved in the aluminum industry for decades, with professional production and manufacturing experience and capabilities. At the same time, its export services continue to mature and develop, and it has project cooperation around the world. If you think it’s good, please contact us !


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