100 Feet PSMB Roll

100 feet aluminum cladding roll with polysurlyn moisture barrier is belongs to PSMB roll. Aluminum coil with polysurlyn moisture is divided into jumbo roll and baby roll by the width. The baby roll of aluminum jacketing is suitable for applications in industry and pipeline transportation etc.

Item 100 Feet PSMB Roll
Alloy 1050, 1060, 3003, etc
Temper H12
Material Aluminum
Thickness 0.1-2mm
Surface Smooth, Polykraft, Stucco embossed
Colors Blue, Pink, etc.
Coating PE/PVDF
Packaging Inside water proof paper, outside paper board
Payment L/C or T/T

As baby roll maufacturer, we have professional factory and equipment to customize your products depending on your requirements like color, width, etc.  Welcome to contact us and get free sample from our company.

  • Customized
  • Original factory warranty
  • Brand certification
  • Global shipping


Water proof

Moisture resistant

Anti corrosion

Good elasticity


Avoid light

Excellent burst and puncture resistance physical strength


PSMB is applicable in many of the industries such as chemical, shipping, metallurgy, thermo electrical and construction industry.

It can be widely used in the equipment protection and insulation decoration. Especially for the refinery storage tanks, pipes and so on.


  1. Customized packaging solutions for extended shelf life
  2. Excellent barrier against moisture, oxygen and odor
  3. Excellent mechanical properties even at low thickness
  4. High burst strength and puncture resistant

Pipe insulation

Usually when we build pipelines, we will lay a moisture proof layer on the inside or outside of the pipeline. Experts also have a depth research on the moisture barrier. As a kind of moisture barrier, aluminum jacketing with PSMB is very popular.

Due to the outstanding properties of the PSMB film, such as moisture and corrosion resistance, not easy to scratch, hard and durable, high insulation resistance, good stray current resistance, and convenient construction. It is very popular in oil-rich countries such as the Middle East, which are also a major source of customers for the company.

Why embossed?

In common, the surface of the PSMB baby film roll is an embossed pattern. These patterns are not just for decoration and aesthetics, they also play an important role in use.

Enhance surface friction and cushions impact

Improve surface density and increase surface resistance

Increase the force bearing area to improve the surface friction

No strong light reflection

Reduce rowing, touching damage and waste

Good visual effect

Why Us

Long established: Our factory is about ten years old.

Advanced equipment: Our company purchases the latest equipment every year.

Experienced skilled workers: Technician has more than ten years work experience in factory.

Professional business team: The leader of sales team is full of work experience about aluminum industry.

Various product series: We provide many kinds of aluminum products include aluminum honeycomb panel, color coated aluminum coil, mill finish aluminum etc.


Q: What’s the MOQ?

A: It’s about 5 tons.

Q: How about the packaging?

A: Generally, we take the package is inside water proof paper, outside paper board.

Q: Could you send us the free samples?

A: If you have need, we can provide you free samples for your reference.

Q: Is 100 feet PSMB different from aluminum jumbo roll with polysurlyn moisture barrier?

A: Actually they are the same, just the width and length are different. We can cut large rolls into smaller rolls of different sizes.


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