Embossed Aluminum

Embossed aluminum is an aesthetic building materials at economic and practice . Aluminum sheet and aluminum coil is its two main types depending on shape. It has a wide application in many fields in building, ships, household appliance, furniture kitchen, decoration, etc.

Product Embossed aluminum
Color Chart Black, white, red, silver, blue, yellow, green, brushed silver,brushed gold, mirror silver, mirror gold,imitation wooden, imitation stone
 Alloy 1xxx,3xxx,5xxx series
 Temper Customized
 Width(mm) <1500 (or as per requirements)
Length(mm) <6000 (or as per requirements)
 Thickness(mm) 0.25-3mmAs per requirements
 Protection  PVC Film or As per requirements
 Delivery Within 30 days
 Package Standard seaworthy exporting packing
  • Customized
  • Original factory warranty
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In furniture, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, carriages, platforms, packaging pipes, screen frames, and various suspension beams, table legs, decorative strips, handles, wirting troughs and covers, chair tubes, etc.

In lighting reflector and lamp decoration, solar collector and reflective material, interior building decoration, exterior wall decoration, household appliance panel, electronic product shell, furniture kitchen, automobile interior and exterior decoration, signage, logo, luggage, jewelry box and other fields.


There are many different factors that determine your aluminum types, including working requirements, thickness condition, hardness, shapes, color, etc. In simple terms.


There are main two types including embossed aluminum sheet and coil.

Embossed sheet

Embossed aluminum sheet

Orange peel, diamond and bean shape,


Thin plate: 0.15-2.0mm

Regular class: 2.0-6.0mm

Thick plate: 25-200mm

Ultra-thick plate: over 200mm

Are you looking for stucco embossed aluminum sheets for your next project? There is an unique and reasonable choice for you coming in our company.

These embossed metal sheets have a wealth applications, widely used in  construction, vehicles, ships and other anti-skid floors, decoration and other fields.

Marine sheet

Marine embossed aluminum sheet


Advanced production equipment to improve production capacity

Through long-term technical research, there are higher production efficiency while ensuring stable product performance, so it greatly shortens production cycle.

Advanced international grinding machine equipment to reduce product defects

The use of advanced grinding machine equipment ensures the accurately rolling running of equipment, which improve the surface quality of product.

Novel product in shape and long-term durability

The aluminum sheet has a novel structure and good anti-skid effect. Although it has light weight, the sheet can withstand high bending, without breaking and good toughness, widely used in packaging, construction, curtain wall and son on.

The main purpose of the embossed aluminum sheet is anti-skid and decoration, widely used in special places such as cold storage, ships, carriages, and stairs.


1 series mostly stand for pure aluminum, as known condition the purity can reach more than 99.00%. It has relatively cheap price due to simple operation. Recent, 1050 and 1060 embossed aluminum coil from our company offer free sample at all affordable price.

2 series

The aluminum alloy coil has strong hardness among 2 series products. It belongs to aviation aluminum materials.

3 series

The series production of we supply is relatively excellent, and it is a series with better anti-rust function, widely used in humid environments such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and car bottoms.

4 series

Various applications as building materials, mechanical parts, forging materials, welding materials;


low melting point, good corrosion resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance

5 series

5 series belongs to one of the more mature aluminum product types.

The product has low density, high tensile strength and high elongation due to main feature, so it is used in aviation such as aircraft fuel tanks. More customers choose deep processing with hot rolling.

6 series

It is suitable for high requirements applications due to benefits, such as corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, good usability, easy coating, and good working ability.

7 series

The alloy coil from our factory has high thermal conductivity, can shorten molding time and improve efficiency.


Main features:

Good wear resistance

High hardness

High strength

Other types of aluminum embossed sheet


According to alloy difference:

Common aluminum alloy: there are main types with 1050 and 1060 alloy plate, can adapt to the daily environment. Outer package often uses this pattern due to cheap price.

Al-Mn alloy metal offer by our company comes in anti-rust aluminum sheet. It has slightly higher strength than that of common alloy metal sheet.

Al-Mg alloy metal has good corrosion resistance, hardness and rust resistance, usually used in special places, such as ships, carriages and other wet environments.


What pay attention to when storing and transporting?

What are the patterns of embossed aluminium coil?


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