Aluminum Sublimation Sheet

Sublimation sheet is made of aluminum, which can be printed by sublimation dye printing machine. It is widely used as the base of badge and advertising gifts, decoration wall art and so on.

The printing quality and look of the resulting products are very similar to paper, with only a slightly different feel.

Aluminum sheets are also highly resistant to static electricity and petrochemical solvents.

Two vulnerabilities that can eliminate many alternatives to paper, like cardboard or plastic.

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Aluminum sublimation is a sublimation transfer technology. The material of the products are printed with high temperature without ink.

Aluminum Sublimation Sheet

And its surface is glossy, not painted gloss The gloss of aluminum sheet is originally 2-3, and after the pearlescent treatment can reach 6-7 gloss.

Aluminum sheet after receiving the process of gold plating or silver plating has a perfect gold/silver texture. Especially with mirror effect, it looks very impressive.


In the future, laser sublimation power will expand in many areas. It is easy to understand if you use a laser engraver for your home decoration, and connect with a variety of decorative materials. Metallic photo frames and Christmas photo frames are also commonly used in homes.

Aluminum Sublimation Sheet Package

Aircraft tooling

Food and packaging machinery

For Project

It can print on the surface by sublimation ink or offset ink, or custom made emblems and logos. It has good mechanical properties and is widely used in signboards, interior decoration, gift & souvenir, medals, etc.

Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum sheet is mainly made of aluminum alloy, which has a high strength, good corrosion resistance and other excellent physical and mechanical properties, it is easy to processing, so widely used in construction, automobile manufacturing decoration and other industries.

For Work

For the uses, some customers use aluminum sheets to make badges and clothing; some people use it to create beautiful iron sides and iron plates; Some people use it to create beautiful high-grade iron work.


Aluminum is a great two-sided printing material with a wide variety of uses. Top quality aluminum sheets can be used for high quality sublimation printing or resin transfer molding, and are suitable for both domestic and foreign markets. The R&D team of Worthwill can provide professional service according to customer’s needs.


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