PE Color Coated Aluminum Coil

PE color coated aluminum coil belongs to coated aluminum products. We adopt excellent paint, high quality aluminum coil and advanced roller coating to produce color coated aluminum coil products. As a good paint, PE is popular in aluminum coated market.

Alloy 1050, 1100, 3003, 3004, 5052, etc
Color RAL, sample color request
Coating Materials PE
Thickness 0.2-6mm
Width As customer request
Shape Coil
Customize Customize available
MOQ 3 tons
  • Customized
  • Original factory warranty
  • Brand certification
  • Global shipping

Rich colors to meet
your different needs


Applications of PE Color Coated Aluminum Coil

In our daily life, we generally use PE color coated aluminum coil in aluminum-plastic composite panel base, construction, decoration, capacitor, cover material, deep drawing products, refrigeration, air conditioner, automobiles, etc.



Various colors, smooth surface

Good weather resistance,high temperature resistant


Sound insulation

Acid, alkali and fire proof

Light weight material, easy to construct and install


Aluminum Coil with Surface Coating

Coated aluminum coil takes mill finish aluminum coil as structure. Why we coated the surface of aluminum sheet and coil? There are two reasons. On the one hand, it’s to have a more beautiful effect in the fields of construction and decoration. On the other hand, because the coating process and coating thickness are directly related to the quality and service life of the color coated aluminum coil. Some more complex coating processes can even make the service life of aluminum coils reach 30 years.

Features of Finished Coated Aluminum

  1. Super weather resistance
  2. Excellent fire resistance and impact strength
  3. Uniform and colorful coating, good visual effect
  4. Easy to maintain

Why Use the Coating Process?

The coating process is a key step in the production of color coated aluminum coils, which directly affects the final coating quality and product durability. With the continuous improvement of the process and the development of new coatings, the production of color coated aluminum coils has become more mature. Therefore, coated aluminum coils  develop rapidly. And it’s widely used in construction, electronic appliances, furniture, solar reflectors and other fields.


PVDF Coated Aluminum Coil

Similar to PE coating, PVDF coating is also a paint method. Both of them have same color range and application field. The coil with good PVDF paints and high performance of aluminum coil is produced by advanced roller coating. There is a wide range colors of aluminum coil like blue, red, yellow, etc. Therefore, PVDF color coated aluminum coil is very suitable for construction field and decoration. Moreover, compared with PE coated aluminum coil, the coil is mainly suitable for exterior  wall.


Gutter Roof Aluminum Coil

In some countries and areas, people choose aluminum sheet and coil to make roofing panel. Aluminum coil is very suitable for manufacturing aluminum thin sheet. And the coil can take on a variety of shapes. Meanwhile, it can add color to the building and improve the life of the building.


Take the recent Panama export polyester red coated aluminum coil as an example. The importer processes the coil into the shape what they want. We can see the finished picture below. It looks very beautiful. And the clients are very satisfied with our products. More information, welcome to contact us.


Q: Do you provide free samples?

A: Yes, free samples will be sent to you on freight at destination.

Q: Can I get your latest products catalogue?

A: Yes, it will be sent to you in no time.

Q: What is the MOQ?

A: 3 tons

Q: What are your payment terms?

A: We accept L/C, T/T.


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