Household Foil

Household foil has a thickness of less than 0.2mm. The aluminum foil roll is on the basis of 8011 aluminum alloy. Its performance is better than pure aluminum foil. Most aluminum foil products have two sides, one glossy and the other matte.

Material Aluminum foil
Alloy 8011
Shape Roll
Temper O
Treatment Silvery
Surface One side light aluminum foil
Thickness 10-30 Mic
Customization Available
Quality Tolerance ±3%
  • Customized
  • Original factory warranty
  • Brand certification
  • Global shipping

8011 Foil Video

Household 8011 Aluminum Foil


High temperature resistance

Fast heat conduction

Uniform heating

Smooth surface

Strong sealing

Retain fresh

Environmental friendly


It’s very common in our daily life especially when we cooking, and mainly used in some fields include kitchen, restaurants and other places need to preserve or reheat food.

Cooking and baking

Storage of food




Aluminum foil manufacturer

Worthwill has own factory which is located in the middle of Henan, China. Our company is a young foreign trade team, but  we are growing fast. We provide a wide range of aluminum products also include aluminum foil, but the most popular on the market is the 8011 aluminum alloy series of aluminum foil roll with the O temper.

Aluminum foil has huge market demand and development potential. Our company’s aluminum foil is also exported to many countries, such as Pakistan, Guyana, India, Bangladesh etc. We support customized service, we will try our best to satisfy your requirement.

Foil vs Tin

Household foil vs Tin foil

Aluminum foil and tin foil are metal materials commonly used to wrap food. The difference between the two is mainly reflected in three aspects: material, physical properties and appearance. Since aluminum foil is softer and has a higher melting point than tin foil, and the price is relatively reasonable, most people now choose aluminum foil instead of tin foil.


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