Polykraft Moisture Barrier Aluminum Jacketing Coil

Polykraft moisture barrier aluminum jacketing coil is the main product of our company aluminum alloy. The kraft paper and aluminum coil are bonded by adhesive laminated process. The insulation polykraft coil adopts imported yellow kraft paper to laminating. What do you learn how to customized smooth or embossed polykarft insulation coil? More details and contact us now.

Insulation material Polykraft moisture barrier aluminum jacketing coil
Surface Stucco embossed /smooth/Corrugated
Alloy 1050, 1060,3105, 3003, etc
Temper H24 H16, etc
Width 200-1220mm(914mm/1000mm/1219mm)
Length Baby roll: 30M/60M/90M or as per request

Jumbo roll

Thickness 0.4-1.5mm
Barrier color Blue/Pink/Black or as per request
MOQ 3-5 tons


  • Customized
  • Original factory warranty
  • Brand certification
  • Global shipping


PKMB Aluminum Jacketing is recommended for HVAC, Insulated Piping, Tanks & vessels less than 8 feet in diameter. Corrugated sheets are recommended for diameters greater than 8 feet.

  1. Chemical Plants & Refineries: Distillation columns, tank farms, fractionation units, cokers and ethylene production units.
  2. Paper Mills: Chemical storage tanks, breechings and ducts.
  3. Steel Mills: Pickle acid tanks, oxygen production units, fuel oil and tar storage tanks.
  4. Miscellaneous: Power station, Food processing plants, LPG storage units, LNG storage units, sewage and waste water treatment plants.


Polykraft consists of one layer of one mil polyethylene film with a protective layer of 80g/m2-120g/m2 virgin kraft paper.

The moisture barrier is factory applied by attaching the jacketing by continuous lamination to the full width of the metal.

The moisture barrier is used to prevent moisture and corrosives in the insulation from coming into direct contact with the metal jacketing surface and causing galvanic or chemical corrosion.


 It has smooth surface and convenient construction. In addition, this way of aluminum coil is specifically heating, and improves the strength and toughness.

Applications: Aluminum insulation poly kraft paper which can be used for different purpose, such as widely in equipment protection and thermal insulation decoration in metallurgy, shipbuilding, chemical industry, electrical equipment, thermoelectric and other fields.

Packaging waterproof: we adopt packaging method of fumigation-free moisture-proof and waterproof.


Aluminum polykraft insulation embossed coil

What is embossed aluminum insulation coil? Firstly, it adopts the process aluminum coil with kraft paper by hot adhesive laminated. Then, it makes embossing, which enhances its strength and corrosion resistance after embossing.


Moisture proof, corrosion resistance, wear well

High strength, high hardness, high toughness, and long service life.

The regular pattern on the flat aluminum sheet has good vision with aesthetics.

Though adhesive laminated and embossing, it plays important role to moisture proof and corrosion resistance.


Guide of choosing heating adhesive laminated or glue adhesion for polykraft paper

Glue adhesion: Aluminum coil and poly kraft paper are directly laminating by glue.

Advantages: High efficiency of production, timely delivery and low cost.

Heat adhesive laminating: Heating laminating can enhance the bonding condition between kraft paper and aluminum coil.

Other deep processing methods: Re-embossing on the composite kraft paper aluminum coil.

Common materials: 1060, 1050, 3003, 5052 and so on

Temper 14, 24, 16, 18 and so on.


Aluminum polykraft moisture barrier manufacturer

As professional manufacturer, our company has an unique technology for embossed aluminum coil. Designed by our own factory, after 24 hours of immersion testing, it can’t be torn off by hand and soaked. This aluminum coil we offer still shows a very strength adhesion.

Our products have exported to many countries, such as Australia, Canada, UAE, India, etc.

Why us?

High quality materials

Precision machining

Efficient work

Light weight and small volume

Corrosion resistance

Flexible operation

Quality assurance

Easy to learn  

Wear well

High ratio


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