1235 Aluminum Foil

As a industry aluminum foil, 1235 aluminum foil contents more than 99.35% aluminum. Compared with 1050, and 1100 aluminum foil, it’s closer to pure aluminum. Due to the product has superior rust resistance, form-ability and dissolving ability, so it’s very suitable for wire and cable, tape, battery foil, cigarette packaging and flexible packaging and so on.

Alloy: 1235 aluminum alloy

Temper: O, H18

Thickness: 0.01-0.2mm


MOQ: 2-4 tons

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1235 Aluminum Alloy Chemical Composition

The aluminum content of 1235 aluminum alloy is particularly high. And it’s an excellent alloy for various industrial and food service markets. In the annealed state, it’s very ductile and easy to machine and form.

Si+Fe: 0.65

Mn: 0.05

Mg: 0.05

Zn: 0.10

Ti: 0.06

Cu: 0.05

Al: 99.35 or more



Excellent rust and corrosion resistance

Easy to form

Good dissolving ability

Good ductility

Clean slit edges



Packaging:In packaging industry, our common aluminum foil sealed bags for meat and food products are made of aluminum foil alloy 1235. For example household foil. In addition, some special packaging includes cigarette packaging and packaging of single-use open-top products also adopt the aluminum alloy foil. It’s a good choice.

Cables, battery foils:Due to the aluminum has excellent conductivity, it’s widely used to make electrically conductive products. The purer the aluminum, the higher the conductivity. Moreover, 1235 aluminum foil surface with less oil and no holes, and it has strong sealing and shielding properties, so that can fully play its role.

Tapes:The tape made of 1235 aluminum foil alloy as the base material can be used to fix the evaporation tube of refrigeration equipment such as air conditioners and freezers. Nowadays, there are many aluminum foil tapes adopting aluminum 1235 aluminum foil on the market.


1060 Aluminum Foil vs 1235 Aluminum Foil

1060 aluminum foil and 1235 aluminum foil both are aluminum alloys. Their average alloy composition is basically identical. The former contents about 99.6% aluminum, and the later contents more than 99.35% aluminum. Therefore they are not much different.

Apart from that, the biggest difference between the two is the finish rolling. The aluminum foil rolling mill include rough rolling, intermediate rolling and finishing rolling. Raw billets are divided into hot-rolled and cast-rolled materials, while aluminum foil is not divided into hot-rolled and cold-rolled.


Why Choose 1235 Aluminum Foil?

On the market, there are various aluminum alloy foil series such as 1xxx series, 3xxx series, 5xxx series and 8xxx series. Among of them, 1xxx series and 8xxx series are the two most popular aluminum foil alloy materials. All of them has the advantages of good corrosion resistance, process ductility, electrical and thermal conductivity of aluminum.

In addition, same to other aluminum foils, 1253 aluminum foil has the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless, moisture-proof, shading, high air tightness, and fragrance retention. Except this, the market price of 1235 aluminum foil alloy is relatively suitable and competitive. In general, 1235 alloy aluminum foil is cost-effective. Whether it’s household aluminum foil or conventional industrial batch use, it’s very advantageous.



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