Color Coated Aluminum Coil

Coated aluminum coil is currently the most popular aluminum of new generation. These raw materials is widely used in aluminum composite panel, aluminum veneer, aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum ceiling, roof surface, scrap, cans, electronic products.

Product Color coated aluminum coil/Coated aluminum coil/coating aluminum coil
Color Chart Black, white, red, silver, blue, yellow, green, brushed silver,brushed gold, mirror silver, mirror gold,imitation wooden, imitation stone
 Alloy 1xxx,3xxx,5xxx series
 Temper Customized
 Width(mm) < 1350 (or as per requirements)
Length(mm) 0.2-1.5 (or as per requirements)
 Thickness(mm) 0.25-5mm
 Protection  PVC Film or As per requirements
 Delivery Within 30 days
 Package Standard seaworthy exporting packing
 MOQ 2-4 tons
  • Customized
  • Original factory warranty
  • Brand certification
  • Global shipping

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Panama double-coated aluminum coil 

The coated aluminum adopts 0.813mm 3003 color-coated polyester double-coated aluminum coil in Panama.

Customer buys our coated aluminum coil and presses the tile to make the roof.

We are professional coated coil manufacturer from Worthwill. Our customers can choose customized types for demands.


aluminum roofing sheet aluminum roofing sheet


Recent years, the aluminum product is a new type of material that has emerged in the field of doors and windows. Compared with plastic steel, it has the following incomparable advantages of other products:

Uniform color and Changeable colors

The lightest among metal materials

Smooth and bright with strong adhesion

Acid and alkali resistance

Corrosion and weathering resistance

Decay and friction resistance and Non-toxic

Ultraviolet radiation resistance and Unparalleled firmness

Stable performance and Strong and durable


It has the two main types including fluorocarbon( outdoor) and polyester(indoor) color aluminum.

  1. Therefore, it has a lot of applications in the fields of door and windows, sun rooms, and balcony packaging of high-end real estate. Now, the color-coated aluminium coil has become to one of the most popular decorative materials.
  2. It is an environmental friendly with durable and aesthetic properties, which especially suitable for interior decoration and advertising boards.


According to the basic requirements of working, it is divided into aluminum sheet and aluminum coil.

Coated aluminum sheets

PVDF coating material types is a coating of PVDF resin. The stability and firmness of this chemical structure make the physical properties of fluorocarbon coatings different from general coatings.


Abrasion and impact resistance in terms of mechanical properties

Excellent properties in harsh climates and environments

Long-term fading and UV resistance

High temperature grilling and super weather resistance


The coating type is widely used outdoor like architecture industry. Fluorocarbon coatings can be divided into traditional fluorocarbon coatings and nano-fluorocarbon coatings according to the surface film structure.

Coated aluminum coil

PE polyester coating types have protective and decorative properties, which formed by repeatedly baking and coating the surface of the aluminium sheet. It is a kind of anti-UV ultraviolet coating.


Rich color, good gloss and smoothness

Superior texture and touch feeling

The sense of hierarchy and three-dimensionality

The coating can play a protective role.



PE(color coated aluminium sheet) VS PVDF(color coated aluminium coil)


Polyester coating is generally used indoors, with a 10-year warranty. Fluorocarbon coating is generally used outdoors and has a warranty of 15-20 years.

Polyester coating only has single coating and double coating, fluorocarbon coating includes double coating and triple coating.

CheapPolyester coatingVS expensive fluorocarbon coating.

Cleaning and pretreatment

Primer coating

Top coating

Laminating or embossing

Recoiling for shipment

Polyester coatingmostly used for coiland fluorocarbon coating mostly used for sheet.

Polyester coating is relatively common in the market.

PE coating has high gloss, which can reach more than 90%.

PE coating can only be single-coated or double-coated. If it is applied too thinly, the shelf life is very short. If it is applied too thickly, it is easy to agglomerate.


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