Roller Coating Aluminum Coil

Roller coating aluminum coil, also known as color coated aluminum coil. We generally adopt roll coating machine to color  aluminum coil. Therefore, the aluminum coil has an extensive range of colors such as white, black, yellow an so on. Roller coated aluminum coil is the most light metal material, and it sales very hot in construction fields.

Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Grade 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series, etc.
Color Black, White, Yellow, Gold, etc.
Shape Coil and Sheet
Thickness 0.2-1.0 as requested
Width Customer Requirement
Length Customer Requirement
MOQ 2-4 tons
  • Customized
  • Original factory warranty
  • Brand certification
  • Global shipping

Rich colors to meet
your different needs


Roller coating aluminum coil is applicable in many of the industries such as electronic, packaging, construction, machinery, etc.



Not rust

Acid resistant and corrosion resistant

Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity

Stable structure


Rich color

Weather resistant

Top quality

Good ductility


Roller coating aluminum coil has a wide range of colors. We provide solid color like black and white, metallic color as metallic silver, silver gray, bright colors include bright red and bright yellow. We can customize coil colors as customer requirements.


The price of the product is priced according to the raw material, labor and cost of various aspects of the product. Therefore, we can know about that the price of rolling coated aluminum coil provided by each manufacturer is different.

The price of a product is related to quality. In any case, we have to choose cost-effective products. As a manufacturer of aluminum sheet, we can offer you the best price under the premise of ensuring product quality. For specific prices, please contact our sales staff. Welcome to feel free to contact us at anytime.


Our company is business in aluminum roller coating coil many years. We are the only one who can produce thickness 5.0mm and width 1800mm roller coated products in our province. We have many export experiences to other country. Our products had been exported to Euro, Middle East, North America ,East Asia and many other areas and countries. And we are the gold supplier of the aluminum coated coil. Many of our customers are satisfied with our products.


Established in 2014, our factory is located in the aluminum industry cluster in central Henan. As a factory specializing in the production of aluminum materials, we continuously improve our production technology and expand our product areas.

The factory always insists on quality first, operates with integrity, and does not produce fake and shoddy products. You can trust the quality of our powder-coated aluminum products. Welcome to contact us any time.

Why us?

Mature technology

Free samples

Featured aluminum

Strict quality control

Stable structure

Top quality

Rich color, wide range of products series


Q: How many types of coating method in your factory?

A: About two types include roller coating and powder coating

Q: Are you factory or trade company?

A: We are factory and trade company.

Q: What other products does your company produce?

A: Our company also produces aluminum circle, aluminum coil sheet, aluminum honeycomb panel and core and so on.

Q: What’s the MOQ?

A: It’s about 2-4 tons.

Q: How long is delivery time?

A: About 25 days after we receive your payment order and L/C original.


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