Roller Coating

Roller coating is a coating method that uses a roller to coat the surface of the object to , also known as roll coating. In order to improve the coating efficiency, we use roller coating instead of brush coating. Nowadays, the coating method is very practical in some aluminum coil sheet factories. The products produced by roller coating have a rich color, flat surface and superior physical and chemical properties.

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Roll Coating Application

Roller coating, as a coating method, construction workers is usually use the method for large-area coating and interior and exterior wall decoration of buildings. It is also suitable for the coating construction of anti-rust paint and blending paint. However, in some factories, such as aluminum coil factories also adopt this coating method to process sheets and coils. This coating method can not only color the aluminum coil, but also enhance the anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance of the aluminum coil sheet.


Roll Coating Advantage

Fast speed and high production efficiency

There is no paint mist splashing, and the coating efficiency is close to 100%

Roll coating can control the film thickness more accurately

Front and back can be painted at the same time


What is roll coating?

Roller coating uses a rotating roller as the carrier of the coating. The paint forms a certain thickness of wet film on the surface of the rotating roller, and then contacts the object during the rotation process with the help of the rotating roller. In order to achieve the goal of apply the paint on the surface of the object.

Roller coating is suitable for flat objects. It is widely used in the coating of metal plate, cloth and paper, especially suitable for metal coil coating. We usually use roller coating instead of brush coating, which can improve coating efficiency.

At present, roller coating and powder coating are the main coating method.


Roller Coating vs Powder Coating

At present, roller coating and powder coating are the main coating method. Due to some difference them so that people can according to their needs to choose coating methods. The difference as follows.

  1. The painting method and process are different: when the roller coating is on the substrate or in the roll, it is processed by the computer through some processing procedures on the assembly line. Powder coated is to paint with a spray gun after the aluminum plate is formed.
  2. Coating: Roller coated has three coats, but the powder coated  has no coat.
  3. Baking: Two bakes for roller coating and one bake for powder coating.
  4. Coating thickness: The thickness of the roller coating is uniform. But the spraying is manual operation, which is relatively uneven.
  5. Roller coating can meet higher inspection requirements: Roller-coated aluminum veneer has more advantages in coating quality and performance. However, it’s slightly inferior to spraying aluminum veneer when processing special-shaped and welding forming plates.


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