7075 Aluminum Sheet

7075 Aluminum Sheet is a high-strength alloy with high strength to weight ratio and outstanding corrosion resistance, which can adapt to industries with high outdoor and environmental requirements. Usually used in the aerospace and military fields, it is often used in the construction of aircraft structures, including wings, fuselage, and other key components, as well as in the production of high-performance sports equipment, such as bicycle frames and climbing equipment. 7075 Aluminum Sheet is mainly composed of zinc, with low magnesium and chromium content. There are various thicknesses and sizes to choose from to adapt to different applications.

Thickness 0.3mm - 500mm
Width 500mm - 2300mm
Length As Requirments
Thickness tolerance ±0.02mm
Packing Well-packed reels with export standards suitable for long-distance sea transportation
Temper O、T6、T73、T76 、T651、T7351、T7651
Surface Treatment mill finish surface, bright, polished surface
Applications Aerospace Industry,Automotive Industry,Defense Industry,Marine Industry,Sports equipment,Industrial applications
MOQ 3 Tons
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Aerospace Industry: The 7075 Aluminum Sheet is widely used in the aerospace industry to manufacture aircraft fuselage, wings, landing gears, and other aircraft structures. Its high strength and lightweight characteristics are very suitable for aircraft components with high strength and durability requirements.

Automotive Industry: The 7075 Aluminum Alloy is also widely used in the automotive industry, manufacturing high-performance parts such as wheels, chassis components, and structural components. Its strength and corrosion resistance make it an ideal application for lightweight and durability.

Defense Industry: The 7075 Aluminum Sheet is used in the defense industry to manufacture military vehicles, armor plates, and weapon systems. Its high strength and stress resistance are very suitable for applications that require protection and durability.

Marine Industry: The 7075 Aluminum Sheet has strong corrosion resistance and can maintain its characteristics in harsh marine environments. It is widely used in the marine industry to build hulls, masts, and other marine structures.

Sports equipment: 7075 Aluminum is commonly used in the production of sports equipment, bicycle frames, baseball bats, and tennis rackets. Lightweight, high strength, suitable for improving the performance of sports equipment.

Industrial applications: The 7075 Aluminum Sheet is used for various industrial applications, including tools, molds, and equipment components. Its strength and mechanical processing performance are very suitable for industrial manufacturing processes.


High strength: The 7075 Aluminum Sheet has excellent strength to weight ratio, making it one of the strongest aluminum alloys. It has high tensile strength and is deeply developed and applied in aerospace and military processes.

Lightweight: Although 7075 Aluminum has high strength, it is also very lightweight and is very suitable for industries with high requirements for metal material properties. It has become an ideal choice for critical applications such as aerospace and automotive components.

Corrosion resistance: Adding zinc to aluminum alloy can improve the corrosion resistance of 7075 Aluminum Sheet, making it suitable for outdoor and marine applications.

Machinability: The 7075 Aluminum Sheet has excellent machinability, making it easy to cut, drill, and shape, making it easy to manufacture various forms and components.

Weldability: Although the 7075 Aluminum Sheet is usually not as easy to weld as some other aluminum alloys, it can still adapt to appropriate welding techniques. Multiple components can be connected to create larger structures or components.

Heat treatable: 7075 Aluminum Sheet can be heat treated, and its mechanical properties can be further improved through the heat treatment process. Ability to customize the strength and hardness of materials to meet specific application requirements.

What Is 7075 Aluminum Sheet

7075 aluminum alloy belongs to the Al Zn Mg Cu superhard aluminum 7xxx series aluminum alloy, which is a high-strength and high hardness forged alloy after cold treatment. It has excellent deep drilling performance, enhanced tool wear resistance, good mechanical properties, and anodic reaction. Under lightweight conditions with low density and high hardness, 7075 Aluminum Sheet is the preferred metal material and has become one of the most commercially promising alloys.


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The factory of WORTHWILL Company is located in the aluminum product development cluster of Huiguo Town, Gongyi City, Henan Province, China, and is world-renowned. Committed to the production, manufacturing, and export of aluminum products, we continuously provide high-quality and high-performance aluminum products to users around the world. The 7075 Aluminum Sheet is also a representative of our outstanding products, widely used in aerospace and military industries, as well as marine and sports equipment. It has high strength, light weight, strong durability, and corrosion resistance, and is widely used in various fields.

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What is a 7075 forging

7075 forging refers to components or parts manufactured using the 7075 Aluminum Alloy through forging process. Forging is a manufacturing process in which metal is heated and then formed through hereditary compression force. In the case of 7075 Aluminum Alloy, the material being heated is 7075 Aluminum, which is a high-strength alloy known for its lightweight and strong corrosion resistance. 7075 forging is commonly used in aerospace, automotive, national defense, and industrial applications that require high strength and durability. These forgings can be further machined to continuously meet specific design requirements and tolerances.


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