3004 Aluminum Foil

3004 aluminum alloy is one of the most common aluminum alloys. It also is a common product in the Al-Mn-Mg alloy series. Because of these elements, the product has superior anti-rust properties. Therefore, it’s also known as anti-rust alloy. 3004 aluminum foil is also the common aluminum foil in the market. Compared with 1000 series aluminum foil, it has higher strength, good form-ability and weld-ability, corrosion resistance.

Alloy: 3004

Temper: O, H14, H18, H22, H24 H28

Thickness: 0.012-0.3mm


Shape: Coil&Jumbo Roll

Typical Products: Container foil, food packaging, lunch box material

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Chemical Composition

Si: 0.3

Cu: 0.25

Mg: 0.8-1.3


Mn: 1-1.5

Fe: 0.7

Al: Margin


Features and Advantages of 3004 Aluminum Foil

  1. Excellent Punch-ability. Because 3004 aluminum foil has lighter specific gravity, compared to the products of the same size stamped from other materials, the stamping of 3004 aluminum alloy foil is also lighter. And its cost is effectively reduced while the form-ability is good.
  2. 3004 aluminum foil also has the excellent barrier properties of the aluminum foil itself. Other properties include strong light-shielding, air-tightness, oxidation resistance, waterproof, moisture-proof, non-toxic and tasteless, etc. In addition, it has no harmful substances that will be produced after heating. In a word, 3004 aluminum foil conforms food packaging standards.
  3. 3004 aluminum foil can recycle and reuse efficiently to protect the environment and save resources.



3004 aluminum foil is widely used in food packaging, container foil, aluminum foil lunch box.

  1. Food Packaging: 3004 aluminium alloy foil has good and uniform heat transfer, it can be used in BBQ, dessert baking, and other food packages. The most important thing is that the 3004 aluminum foil heated by high temperature will not spill harmful substances to contaminate food.
  2. Lunch Box: The thickness of commonly used 3004 aluminium foil for container lunch boxes is generally between 0.03mm and 0.20mm. It can well adapt to all kinds of special equipment and molds for dining boxes, which can be fully automatic cold stamping and finally made into cuboids, bowls and other shapes.

Picture Showing

Aluminum Foil Lunch Box


3004 Aluminum Foil vs 3003 Aluminum Foil

Among 3000 series aluminum foil products, 3003 aluminum foil and 3004 aluminum foil are the most common products. In fact, between 3003 and 3004 aluminum foil, they are very similar in composition, features and applications. However, due to 1% addition of Mg, 3004 aluminum foil shows higher strength. Same to all 3000 series aluminum alloy products, 3004 aluminum is also non-heat treatable.

3004 Aluminum

3004 Aluminum Alloy

3004 aluminum is a medium strength aluminum alloy with manganese and magnesium as its primary alloying elements. It has higher strength than 3003 alloy but lower ductility. The alloy has high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and drawing characteristics and so on. As a widely used alloy, 3004 aluminum alloy has the same application as 3003 aluminum sheet.


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