Aluminum Antique Tile

With the development of science and technology, the original only pieces of fired tiles have now been popularized to many types of materials. Aluminum alloy tile is one of the very popular tile products now. The ancient building aluminum tile is a new type of tile applied to the roof of the ancient building, also known as the new aluminum tile. The aluminum plate is stamped and bent into an antique-looking tile. And the surface is sprayed with fluorocarbon paint. Aluminum alloy tile also known as the antique metal roof tile.

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Application Range Of Antique Tiles

Ancient temples, tourist scenic spots, ancient streets, ancient cities, commercial street antique renovation, parks, residential areas, antique building renovation, antique street renovation; historical museums, large-scale building roof renovation projects.


Antique Building

Commerical Street


Advantage Of Aluminum Antique Tile

  1. Rich in shapes, colors.There are many colors and tile types to choose from.
  2. Metal aluminum tiles are fireproof and don’t burn.
  3. Light weight can reduce the weight load on the building.
  4. 100% can be recycled and reused, and will not harm the natural environment.
  5. It can withstand severe cold, severe inflammation, earthquake, heavy rain, hail, fire, etc.
  6. As a roof construction, it can resist wind at the same time.
  7. It has low requirements on building structure.And it’seasy to design and construct. Aluminum shingles won’t crack, shrink, or curl and can apply on a variety of roofs.


Why Choose Antique Aluminum Alloy Tile?

Antique aluminum alloy tiles are chosen for building roof decoration, which has outstanding advantages over other decorative materials.

The antique aluminum tiles can be completely recycled. And the antique metal tiles used for building roof decoration are more in line with the requirements of green environmental protection.

In addition, compared with other decorative materials, antique metal tiles for building roof decoration have other outstanding advantages. Such as light weight, high strength, waterproof, fireproof, anti-corrosion, good processing performance, low maintenance cost and long service life.

The antique aluminum tile has a beautiful appearance, light weight, small weight and high safety performance. It’s suitable for various ancient buildings, antique buildings, temples, scenic spots, and antique commercial streets. At the same time, it’s convenient for handling and construction, saves freight, can also reduce construction costs, and can also provide shockproof grades.


Aluminum antique tiles for projects. PVDF coating with 50 years long quality guarantee.

Aluminum Antique Tile



Metal antique tiles are not only conducive to the modern maintenance of ancient buildings, but also satisfy people’s fascination and pursuit of ancient culture. Metal antique tiles bring people calmness, simplicity, nature and tranquility, so that people can return to nature while meeting material needs.


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