Powder Coated Aluminum

Powder coated is a coating method for spraying paint on the surface of objects. It can improve the aesthetics of the metal while protecting it from corrosion. People usually also use powder coating to process aluminum products. Such as aluminum sheets, aluminum coils, aluminum profiles and so on.


Item Powder Coated Aluminum
Material Aluminum Alloy
Color Black,White, Gold etc.
Type Sheet and Coil
MOQ 2-4 tons
Package Wooden Carton
  • Customized
  • Original factory warranty
  • Brand certification
  • Global shipping

Rich colors to meet
your different needs


Powder coated aluminum is the abbreviation for all aluminum products after powder coating. These produces is mainly used in buildings such as curtain wall, exterior and interior wall decoration etc.


Environmental protection

Corrosion resistant

Not fade, no chipping

UV resistant

Easy to maintain

Convenient to install

For Sale

Powder coated aluminum for sale

With the development of powder coating technology, many factory can introduce the technology. Therefore, there are many companies to sell powder coated aluminum products such as powder coated aluminum sheet and coil. WORTHWILL is professional in producing powder coated aluminum products. And we also producing color coated aluminum products. If you have demands for these products, welcome to contact us for more information.


Why powder coated aluminum?

Aluminum is a lightweight metal. And it’s widely used in architecture and industry applications. While aluminum is naturally corrosion-resistant, some applications call for additional corrosion protection. Powder coating is a widely used application, protecting metals from corrosion and improving their aesthetic appeal.This process could also improve the metal’s wear resistance, change the color and surface finish, and create a reflective surface.


WORTHWILL is a well-rounded company. We are not only produce color coated aluminum products, but also produce powder coated aluminum products. There is a wide range of aluminum material products in our company. We support customize powder coated aluminum sheets or coils according to your project requirement. Welcome to contact us for more information. And we will enthusiastically answer your questions.


Established in 2014, our factory is located in the aluminum industry cluster in central Henan. As a factory specializing in the production of aluminum materials, we continuously improve our production technology and expand our product areas.

The factory always insists on quality first, operates with integrity, and does not produce fake and shoddy products. You can trust the quality of our powder-coated aluminum products. Welcome to contact us any time.

Why us?

Featured aluminum

Quality assurance

Stable structure

High quality spray

Easy to install


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