Aluminum Sheet

We offer customized aluminum sheet and aluminum plate is available from different thickness. It is a rectangular plate made of aluminum ingots.

According to the requirements, there arevarious types, like popular 3003, 5052, 1050, etc.

Product: Aluminum Sheet
Thin plate  0.15-1.5mm
Regular plate  1.5-6.0mm
Medium plate 6.0-25.0mm
Thick plate  25-200mm
 Delivery: Within 30 days
 MOQ: 2-4 tons

In addition, the customer can find right aluminum sheet metal depending on the alloy grade.

If the clients have certain requirements for hardness, you can refer to the alloy series or directly consult us.

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Aluminum Sheet Production


The plate supplied by our company comes in many different sizes and shapes to meet varied business needs. It is also ideally suitable to almost all sorts of applications like lighting, building exterior, interior decoration, ceiling wall, furniture, household appliances, aerospace and military aspects, high-quality ship board, etc.


Ship Board

Ship Board


1) 1 series: Closing to pure aluminum;

2) 2 series: Al-Cu,

3) 3 series: Al-Mn;

4) 4 series: Al-Si alloy;

5) 5 series: Al-Mg alloy;

6) 6 series: Al-Mg-Si alloy;

7) 7 series: Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy;

8) 8 series: Al and other alloys

9) 9 series: Spare

Hot VS Cold rolling

According to different production processes. It is divided into cold-rolled and hot rolled sheets. There are many differences between hot and cold aluminum sheets.

As follows:

Different production process

Cold rolling is processed by a casting machine into a cast roll (8mm thickness) and processed by a cold rolling machine.

Hot rolling is heated by aluminum ingots (400-500mm thickness) under high temperature and rolled by hot rolling mill.

Different supply of raw materials

Hot rolled billet: cast aluminum ingot-heated-rolled into a coil for cold rolling.

Cold rolled billet: cast rolled coil-cold rolled

Different properties

Hot rolled aluminium sheet: Good surface quality, strong mechanical properties and ductility, and good oxidation effect. At the same time, it can has the properties to process different aluminium circle sizes.

Different applications

Cold rolling sheet is mostly used in models.

Hot rolling sheet is suitable for stamping and stretching.

Different prices

Cold rolling sheet is simple processing, so it is cheaper than that of hot rolling sheet.


Good surface quality

Strong mechanical properties


Good oxidation effect

Smoother and more delicate

At present, the hot roll sheet from our factory has a wealth applications in wall panels, automobiles, ships, busbars, silos, stamping parts, molds and other fields.


How to choose cold sheet or hot sheet?

According to above 5 main process properties, if you still not know whether to choose cold-rolled or hot-rolled aluminum sheet when purchasing aluminum sheet before first time. There are professional aluminium sheet manufacturer to help you get more professional knowledge. To learn more, contact us now.


Aluminum sheet is one of the most commonly used aluminum alloy in the world due to the application characteristics. It exhibits a sort of benefits with corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength, and good weld ability. Based on your specific applications, the sheet and plate are ideal alloy metal to help your work efficiency and production.


Solar reflector

Building exterior

Interior decoration: ceiling, wall, etc.

Furniture, cabinets


Signs, nameplates, luggage,

Car interior and exterior decoration

Interior decoration: Such as photo frames

household appliances: refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment, etc.

Aerospace and military aspects, such as China’s large aircraft manufacturing, Shenzhou spacecraft series, satellites and so on.

Machining of mechanical parts

Mould manufacturing

Chemical/insulation pipeline coating.

High-quality ship board

How purchase

Customers want to purchase a suitable aluminum sheet for own demands. Then, you need to learn types, materials, and processes of aluminium sheets. As the professional manufacturers in China, the aluminium sheets we offer have product quality assurance. More service we supply are available from Worthwill. Besides sheets, there are more all sorts of aluminum alloy like aluminium coil, aluminium foil, aluminium circle, etc. at all affordable prices.

If you are interested in our aluminum sheet products, we sincerely look forward to your coming and visiting.


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