Perforated Aluminum Panel

6 月 06, 2023

A perforated aluminum panel is a type of metal sheet that is made of aluminum with holes punched in it. These panels are used in a variety of applications such as building facades, sunshades, and screening systems. The holes in the panel can be customized to create various patterns and designs, allowing for a range of aesthetics. Perforated aluminum panels are durable, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use. They can also be painted or anodized to add color and further enhance their properties.

Hole shape

round, square, diamond,rectangular perforations,octagonal cane,grecian


1.Aerospace: nacelles, fuel filters, air filters

2.Appliances: dish washer strainers, microwave screens, dryer and washer drums, cylinders for gas burners, water heaters and heat pumps, flame arrestors

3.Architectural: stairs, ceilings, walls, floors, shades, decorative, sound absorption

4.Automotive: fuel filters, speakers, diffusers, muffler guards, protective radiator grills

5.Hammer mill: screens for sizing and separating

6.Industrial equipment: conveyors, dryers, heat dispersion, guards, diffusers, EMI/RFI protection

7.Pollution control: filters, separators

8.Mining: screens

9.Security: screens, walls, doors, ceilings, guards

10.Sugar processing: centrifuge screens, mud filter screens, backing screens, filter leaves, screens for dewatering and desanding, diffuser drainage plates

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