Do You Know About Anodized Aluminum Coil

8 月 08, 2023

Do You Know About Anodized Aluminum Coil ?

Do You Know About Anodized Aluminum Coil ? Anodized Aluminum Coil is an aluminum material with a transparent oxide layer covering the surface and a good retention of metal texture. After anodizing treatment, the aluminum coil has stronger corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and wear resistance, which can effectively protect the aluminum material.


1.Transparent anodized layer covering, strong insulation effect, protecting the texture of aluminum metal

2. Lightweight, scratch resistant, and strong hardness

3. The anodized layer has good durability and strong weather resistance

4. Strong fingerprint resistance, clean and tidy metal surface

5. Good corrosion resistance and high durability

6. Easy to form and further manufacture

7. Fully recyclable and non combustible


Architecture: For exterior walls, roofs, and decorative elements of building projects, its durable and rain resistant properties are very suitable for outdoor use.

Electronics: Anodized aluminum coil is used in the electronic field for components such as heat sinks, connectors, and casings. Anodized oxide coatings have the effect of electrical insulation and corrosion resistance.

Automotive: In car decoration, grille, and interior decoration. The weighing device has good corrosion resistance and is widely used in the automotive industry.

Aerospace: It is very suitable for aircraft components and structures in the aerospace industry, anodized coil materials have high strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance, making them very suitable for aerospace applications.

Industry: There are so many applications in various aspects of industrial manufacturing, such as machinery and equipment, structural engineering, etc., with strong weather resistance.

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