Wooden Aluminum

Wooden aluminum coil or sheet has a wealth of colors and patterns depending on power requirements in aluminum market. Recently, it has become a very common product for exterior wall and ceiling decoration, with all environmental friendly and non-toxic materials.

Product: Wooden Aluminum
Coating thickness Above 25 microns
 Alloy : 1060, 1100, 3003, 3004, etc.
 Temper: H24, etc.
 Width: 30-1350mm (or as per requirments)
 Delivery: Within 30 days
 MOQ: 2-4 tons
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Rich colors to meet
your different needs


Compared with ordinary building wood, imitation wood aluminum has the following characteristics:

It has clear and beautiful texture, with a sense of fashion and technology.

Excellent weather resistance, no deformation, long-lasting bright as new.

Strong decoration, convenient installation, wide application, easy care and cleaning.

Simple care, bright as new, no dirt trapped, easy to clean. There are painted surface well, and has good wear resistance, and does not require much effort to maintain.

Stable quality, affordable, easy installation.

Bright color and clear texture

Environmental friendly.


Because aluminum wooden sheet has clear pattern, which shows real effect, it can replace wood sheet to use in interior decoration.

Compared wood sheet, it has not only waterproof and fire proof , but also long service life with strong practical value.

Wooden VS composite panel


Aluminum type: Fireproof, waterproof, moisture proof, sound-proof, shock proof. Anti-insect bite corrosion, high hardness, strong grip, stronger, long service life.

Composite panel: Easy to corrode and break, lack of durable ability and a short service life.


Aluminum type: Besides strong grip, it can be loaded and unloaded repeatedly bendable shapes depending on customer’s needs, with easy construction and flexible application.

Composite panel: Not strong enough, and cannot be repeatedly loaded and unloaded unbendable with complex construction.

3.Environmentally friendly

The imitation wooden aluminum we offer has harmless to human body without formaldehyde, in line with international safety standards.

Composite panel: Strong odor of product adhesive and will cause harm to human and environment protection, with long delivery time.


Wooden colour aluminium supply and quotes for profile

We supply professional wooden colour aluminum for profile with various advantages. If you want to get details about colour aluminum quotes, please contact us and get a friendly chat with us.

Fire resistance: Corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, hardness and strength are compared with solid wood flotation method.

Rust, damage and UV protection.

Long service life, no discoloration and deformation for 10-15 years.

It has strong plasticity and can be processed into various complex shapes. Its back can be filled with materials such as thermal insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption, etc., making it more functional.

Protect the environment, protect the ecological environment, and reduce the waste of material resources.


As professional manufacturer, our factory adopts excellent craftsmanship, which makes imitation aluminum have high decoration effect. In the future in aluminum market, imitation aluminum has the perfect substitues of solid wood materials, which reduces the view of trees. It is green for world to meet the requirements of modern environment protection. It is worth choosing an environmentally friendly decoration materials.

Window & door

Wooden aluminum for window and door

Compared with solid wood, the imitation wood grain of aluminum plate has the following advantages:

The ceiling of the curtain wall is composed of three-dimensional one-way horizontal bars, forming a super-visual one-way curtain wall effect;

The product is three-dimensional, progressive and bright, forming an excellent three-dimensional one-way guiding effect;

Products we offer are easy to install and maintain, making the entire building space unique.

The appearance of imitation aluminum for window and door has exquisite appearance, with rich wood grain, and clear texture.


If you have high demands for wood aluminum products, There are rich-experienced technology team and considerate service team. Each one of products we offer has various aesthetics and high imitation design, which only meet your power demands.

10 years production experience

1000+ colors for aluminum pattern

80000 square meters with covering areas

2500 ton per year

Certificates we offer like SGS, etc.

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  1. Quality productWe will guarantee the quality to Satisfy Customer Needs.We have been engaged in production of aluminum sheet/coil /plate fore more than 20 years, we have strict quality control system,and our enterprise has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification and SGS Certification .
  2. Competitive price We’re one direct manufacturer, which is located in China.So we can control our quality and manufacture cost well.
  3. Rich exports experience to the world Our aluminum product export to more than 80 countries and we have professional experience of aluminum sheet/coil/foil sales&shipping .
  4. High-efficiency after-sale service We have professional sales service team.We will reply you any problem within 24 hours.


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