Stone Aluminium

Stone aluminum is an ideal product from one of many decoration materials. It adopts production process of roller and color coating. Through surface of the aluminum plate coating with texture of stone, it has a variety of shapes and colors, such as imitation marble pattern, gray stone pattern, brick pattern, roller coated stone pattern aluminum. The imitation stone has replaced stone with various factors of cheap price and 100% recycled.

Product: Wooden Aluminum
Coating thickness Above 35 microns
 Alloy : 1100, 3003, etc.
 Temper: H24, etc.
 Width: 30-1350mm (or as per requirments)
 Delivery: Within 30 days
 MOQ: 2-4 tons
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  • Original factory warranty
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Rich colors to meet
your different needs


It is often used in exterior wall decoration projects, which mostly chooses marble aluminum panels in many projects. Of course, you can also choose other imitation aluminum shapes according to customer customized demands.

In order to ensure high strength, the thickness of the stone-like aluminum plate for outdoor application is more than 2.5mm, and 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm are also commonly used specifications. For indoor use, the thickness can be less than 2.5mm.

As professional manufacturer of aluminum, in order to ensure high strength, we provide for our customers directly sales in stock with sold at wholesale prices. There are free quotation and sample from Worthwill with professional technical support.


Various styles and realistic texture

There are many surface types of imitation stone aluminium, which can imitate the texture and color of all stone materials.

Strong plasticity

It has strong plasticity depending on client’s power requirements, such as flat panels, curved panels, spherical panels, etc.

Light weight and easy installation

The materials of aluminum is made of high quality aluminum, and its weight about one tenth of that of stone. As professional manufacturer, we supply process and form of aluminum product, which is easy to install on site with convenient for later maintenance.

Long service life

Imitation stone has excellent physical properties, which can withstand the invasion of environmental changes indoor or outdoor, up to 10-15 years or even longer.

Environmentally friendly and recyclable

100% recycled materials of aluminum is different from glass or other decoration building materials, while reducing the resource consumption of stone with green environmental protection.

Aluminum stone veneer

Why popuplar

Why is imitation stone aluminum veneer so popular? What are its advantages?

With light weight, good rigidity and high strength, it can effectively resist the erosion of bad weather for long term life.

With rich colors and good decorative effect, it can be sprayed with a variety of colors with advanced spraying technology and equipment.

Adopting high-strength stone like aluminum veneer, it can withstand a variety of complex shapes, and widely used indoor and outdoor decoration.

Convenient and fast installation and operation.

The imitation stone is an excellent environmental protection product with 100% recycled materials.

For these different advantages, stone veneer has replaced real stones on many occasions in terms of performance and decoration. Are you looking for stone veneer with low cost for your project? Please get in touch with us now. It is the best choice for you to replace stone with safer and toughness.

Like stone

Because of its appearance and texture like stone, it has same decoration effect with stone. In terms of performance, imitation stone has better physical properties than this of stone.

No matter what price or benefits, imitation aluminum becomes an ideal substitute for stone with its own appearance and physical properties.

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