Aluminum Tool Plate

Aluminum tool plate used for tooling cabinet, door, panel and furniture for a long time. They are mainly made of aluminum alloy.

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Aluminum cast tooling plate is produced from a fine grain aluminum alloy. It is free from internal stresses and makes it an internally stable materials. There is minimal movement during machining process.

  1. It is machined with very little distortion.
  2. High dimensional stability.
  3. Tight tolerances
  4. Non-heat treatable
  5. Exceptional flatness


It is utilized for a wide range of industrial applications, including

Welding fixtures


Automotive tooling

Drill jigs

Vacuum chucks

Electronic components

Aircraft tooling

Food and packaging machinery

Different Alloy

Tooling plate is most commonly available in grades 5083, 6061, 2024 and 7075 aluminum offering varying mechanical properties that can be further tailored to a specific application by varying pre-treatment processes.

aluminum tool plate


5083 aluminum plate is a very versatile material, used in many products, such as cars, airplanes, furniture, kitchen utensils and even in medical and computing applications. This lightweight metal makes it popular if you look to have some extra strength and durability since it is stronger than steel or other metals.


Aluminum tool plate is a building material composed of a sheet of aluminum or aluminum alloy. Common types include: extruded, expanded, forged, and machined. Aluminum extrusions have been used in construction for many years as architectural features such as trim and cornices. Today, many manufacturers are designing handrails and aluminum based accessories for the building trades. Aluminum has become very popular in recent years due to its high corrosion and weather resistance properties.


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Professional aluminium tooling plate offered by aluminum manufacturers plays a vital role in the various machining processes. In metalworking and metal machining, tools are used. Tooling plate is an important part of the tool. What will you do when the last piece of OEM tooling plate runs out of stock?

On the other hand, Professional aluminium manufacturer will offer you complete service regarding customized high-quality tooling plate according to your requirements with premium quality aluminum material at competitive price and with professional attitude, our valued partners are always satisfied with us.

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